Commitment to Diversity

You Are Welcome Here

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) is committed to promoting inclusion. We strive to provide respectful treatment to students of every background and recognize the impact of oppression and marginalization on mental health. We value and embrace the richness inherent to the intersections of one’s race, ethnicity, nationality, heritage, gender identity and expression, sexual/romantic orientation, ability, religion/spirituality, age, socioeconomic status, body shape/size, as well as other personal and social characteristics. These intersecting factors which comprise an individual’s identity are important in guiding and enhancing the services we provide to our students. We will continue to be a safe and affirming space on campus. You are welcome here.

CAPS Staff Professional Values

In addition to work within the UGA student body, the staff at CAPS strive to develop an atmosphere that values, honors, and embraces differences among staff. CAPS staff is expected to participate in educational activities that increase their awareness of and sensitivity to diversity and multiculturalism. In addition to formal educational activities, we believe informal interactions between colleagues may also invite meaningful multicultural dialogues. Whether in formal or informal spaces, it is the aim of CAPS to build a sense of security for staff entering our center. Finally, we recognize multicultural competency as a lifelong practice rather than a destination, and we will continue to engage in this process with openness and humility.

CAPS is dedicated to our diverse campus community through our service initiatives, including UBelong, and our Training Program.

Diversity Resources at UGA

In its continued commitment to its students, faculty, staff and community, the University of Georgia has established these resources: