Outreach Services

CAPS clinicians can provide support to UGA students, faculty, and staff when impactful events occur. Requests for grief/crisis support can be indicated at your earliest convenience, and advance notice is not required. Contact the Outreach Director (Jennifer Hester, LCSW) at 706-542-2273 so we can determine how to best serve your group’s support needs. If an immediate consultation is needed, utilize CAPS crisis services.

UMatter for Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention (in collaboration with Health Promotion)


  • Learn about suicide, the risk factors, and the warning signs
  • Develop basic skills for safely identifying and helping individuals in need
  • Learn contact information for campus, local, and national resources 

CAPS Services and Resources


  • Learn about what services CAPS offers
  • Learn how to schedule a screening and initiate services
  • Learn about other mental health resources on campus, off campus, and nationally 

Complete the Program Request Form at least 30 days before your desired program date. Once you submit the Request Form, you will be contacted within 5 business days by the CAPS Outreach Coordinator to determine if our program meets your needs, and if we are able to grant your request.

Additionally, CAPS conducts free wellness and prevention workshops across campus through #BeWellUGA. Find a listing of all of the current workshops, including those offered by CAPS. Please check often as the list of available workshops changes periodically.

If you are interested in a custom program pertaining to mental health, complete the Program Request Form at least 30 days before your desired program date. Custom program requests are considered on a case by case basis. Common factors that are considered for custom program requests are clinician knowledge base, clinician availability, and expected number of participants. Once you have submitted a Request Form, you will be contacted within 5 business days and updated on the status of your request.

CAPS clinical staff members do not provide informational interviews to meet students in order to satisfy the requirements for an academic or related assignment.