Screening Appointment

One of the first steps in accessing CAPS services is to schedule a Screening Appointment by either calling the CAPS office at 706-542-2273 or by scheduling online through your personal UHC Patient Portal. As CAPS continues to transition back to in-person services, all Screening Appointments will be conducted over the phone.

Things to Consider

  • CAPS has a brief treatment model—your needs may be best served outside of CAPS. The Athens area has great resources that you and the screening clinician will discuss as needed.
  • CAPS Initial sessions are in person. Masking is encouraged. During this time, you will have the opportunity to discuss options with your provider whether to continue in-person or to have further sessions via telebehavioral health. There are numerous criteria to consider in determining the appropriateness of telebehavioral health. Ultimately, clinical considerations and best practices for specific presenting concerns will take precedent in this decision. 
  • Remember, the more availability you are able to give increases the likelihood that you will be scheduled for a follow-up sooner than later.
  • Your clinician at screening may not be who you work with moving forward. CAPS matches clients with clinicians based on areas of expertise as well as availability.
  • During high-demand times there may be a wait for a follow-up appointment. The screening clinician will discuss this with you and work on planning while taking the wait into consideration.
  • Remember that CAPS offers Workshops and Group therapies that are helpful and effective!
  • Check out our ADHD policy for more details about documentation that is required for medication treatment.

Ready to Schedule a Screening Appointment?

  • You must be located in the state of Georgia at the time the phone screening is conducted.
  • Before the appointment you will need to enter the UHC Patient Portal to complete the Questionnaire associated with the appointment – this is initial documentation.
  • Enter the UHC Patient Portal again about 30 minutes before the scheduled Screening to complete a brief Survey.
  • If you are late or you have not allowed enough time to complete documentation beforehand, you may be rescheduled for the next available appointment, which may be on another day.
  • If you are experiencing an urgent or crisis situation no appointment is required. You may call CAPS at 706-542-2273 or walk-in (UHC 2nd floor), and a clinician will be able to speak with you at that time.