Counseling and Psychiatric Services

CAPS is dedicated to student mental health and wellbeing. We support students in achieving both academic and personal life goals. CAPS is committed to providing high quality, affordable, and confidential services to UGA students and their eligible partners.

University Health Center, 2nd floor
55 Carlton Street
Athens, GA 30602

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Welcome to CAPS

We are committed to providing care that is sensitive and respectful of the needs of our diverse students by providing a safe, inclusive, and affirming environment. All are welcome here.


You are welcome here.
CAPS is committed to inclusion, strives to provide respectful treatment to students of every background, and is a safe and affirming space on campus.

UHC Well-Being & Prevention Programs

FREE programs, events, classes, and services hosted by the University Health Center to help UGA students thrive physically, mentally, and socially.

Supporting Our Students

UGA is a global community of students, faculty and staff with ties to various regions of the world. CAPS recognizes the traumatic impact that armed conflict can have, even when we are not physically present or directly involved.
The conflict in Ukraine is undoubtedly impacting the mental health and well-being of our campus community.
CAPS extends our support to those affected, particularly those from Eastern Europe, those who have been impacted by war in the past, and those affiliated with the military.
We are here to help students navigate through these difficult times. Please contact us at 706-542-2273 and ask to speak to a crisis counselor, or view our array of services.
Employee Support: Employees can visit the Employee Assistance Program website or call 1-844-243-4440.