Advanced Doctoral Practicum in Psychology

  1. Clinical Service Requirements (6-8 hours/week)
    1. Maintain a caseload of ongoing, individual clients (4-7 hours)
    2. Screening (1 hour)
    3. One group (3 hours)
    4. Outreach (0-1 hours) 
  2. Training Requirements (4 hours/week)

    1. Training Seminar (1-2 hour/week)
    2. Individual Supervision (1 hour/week)
    3. Peer Supervision (0-1 hour/week-Led by Fellows)
    4. Training Overview (0-1 hour/week) 
  3. Administrative Requirements (8-10 hours/week)

    1. Case Management (clinical recordkeeping, tracking hours, service preparation, and other administrative responsibilities) 
  4. Additional Requirements

    1. Written transcription of 10 minutes of a difficult interaction with a client. Transcription will be discussed in peer supervision. (1 per semester)
    2. One formal case presentation per semester to include mental status exam, DSM-5 TR diagnosis, well-developed case conceptualization, comprehensive treatment plan, and a 5-minute video clip of the client in session. The presentation will be written from a different theoretical perspective each semester. The written portion should be submitted to the student’s individual supervisor 2 weeks prior to the presentation for editing. The case will be presented to a group of clinical staff members and the current training cohort. 
  5. Optional Opportunities

    • Eating Disorders Treatment Team