Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Areas of Specialization

Administrative Specialization

(time requirement-3 hours/week)

This specialization is designed to provide training on the administrative aspects of College Mental Health. Participants will be introduced to clinical leadership concerns including case disposition, effective care of high-risk clients, administrative management of crisis response, and legal and ethical collaboration with campus partners as well as the operational aspects of a college mental health agency.

Monthly, participants will meet with the specialization mentor for discussion of various topics related to clinical leadership. Participants will attend meetings with the CAPS High Risk Review Committee and interdisciplinary campus partners, as well as individual meetings with various members of the CAPS leadership team covering topics of psychiatry, business operations, and human resources. Post-Doctoral fellows completing this specialization are required to complete a project, addressing an aspect of CAPS administrative responsibilities which will be presented to CAPS Leadership Team.

Outreach Specialization

(time requirement- 3hours/week)

The outreach specialization provides the post-doctoral fellow the opportunity to engage in both clinical and non-clinical activities surrounding outreach intervention and advocacy. This specialization requires the post-doctoral fellow to be an active participant in the CAPS Outreach Program and includes the following expectations: serve on the outreach committee, observe and conduct various CAPS outreach programs including Let’s Talk and U Matter, attend monthly meetings with the Associate Director of Outreach and Collaboration, as well as develop and execute a new outreach program.