Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology: Successful Completion of Internship

Requirements for Successful Internship Completion

Formal performance evaluations occur in mid-December and mid-July of the training year. Primary supervisors assess the intern’s level of proficiency on the nine-profession wide competencies using the Intern Competency Assessment Form. Informal, mid-semester discussions, including all involved supervisors, occur in order to provide interns with information regarding clinical skill and professional development.

Benchmarks for Successful Completion of Internship Program

  1. Completion of 2,000 total training hours.
  2. Completion of 500 direct clinical hours.
  3. Completion of two formal case presentations to CAPS staff.
  4. Timely completion of all recordkeeping.
  5. Adherence to APA ethical guidelines and to the rules and regulations of the Georgia State Board of Examiners of Psychologists and relevant laws in the State of Georgia.
  6. At the final performance evaluation (July), the intern must average a 3 or above across each competency cluster.