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Arial Treankler, PsyD

Associate Director of Clinical Services University Health Center
55 Carlton Street 55 Carlton Street GA Athens GA 30602 Work Phone: 706-542-2273
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Dr. Arial Treankler joined the CAPS staff in 2013 and is the associate director of clinical services for CAPS. She earned a double BA in Psychology and Sociology: Law, Crime, and Deviance, a Masters in Counseling Psychology, and a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. In addition to these educational activities, she also has various experiences at NAIA and Division I levels in applied sport psychology – an internship at Wichita State University and a post-doctoral residency at the University of California – Davis. Dr. Treankler (Dr. T.) is a Clinical Sport Psychologist trained as a clinical generalist, who also offers specialty clinical and performance enhancement services at regional, conference, and national levels. Other areas of interest include identity development, the challenges of adjustment, trauma, interpersonal concerns, men’s and women’s issues, anger, disordered eating, and stress management. She utilizes a variety of techniques in order to help students reach their maximum potential in a variety of areas, i.e. academic, athletic, personal.

Title: Associate Director of Clinical Services
My Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
What I am Happiest Doing Outside of Work: I am happiest being around family, friends, and puppies! I gain energy from being active, enjoying nature and supporting others.
What I do for Self-Care: Strange, I know, but yardwork is my self-care. There’s something satisfying about working hard and seeing beautiful results, plus I get to be outside with my pup.

Categories: Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS)
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