Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Program Typical Schedule

Within a 40-hour work week, Post-Doctoral Fellows will engage in approximately 18 hours of direct clinical service which includes providing individual and group therapy, screenings, and clinical supervision, on-call services, outreach, and walk-in services. Fellows receive approximately 7 weekly hours of training, including 2 hours of individual supervision. Other activities included are training seminars, supervision of supervision, group supervision, professional development meetings, and committee meetings. The remaining 15 hours is comprised of administrative responsibilities including but not limited to recordkeeping, staff meetings, and licensure preparation.

  1. Maintain a caseload of ongoing, individual clients (6-13 hours)
  2. Screening (3 hours)
  3. Group Therapy (3-6 hours)
  4. Supervision of Practicum Student (2 hours)
  5. Peer Supervision (1 hour)
  6. On-Call (typically 1 to 2 days per month; not included in 16-18 hours/week but counts as direct service)
  7. Outreach (0-1 hours; expected to complete a total of 3 outreaches each semester, upon completion an additional individual client may be added to the caseload)
  1. Training Seminar (1-2 hour/week)
  2. Individual Supervision (2 hours/week)
  3. Supervision of Supervision (1 hour/week-Led by licensed clinical staff)
  4. Professional Development (0-1 hour/week)
  5. Committee Assignment (0-1 hour/week)
  1. Staff Meeting/Treatment Team (1 hour /week)
  2. Licensure Preparation (2-4 hours/week)
  3. Case Management (10-12 hours/week clinical recordkeeping, tracking hours, service preparation, and other administrative responsibilities)
  1. Outreach Specialization
  2. Administrative Specialization