Post-Doctoral Fellowship: Successful Completion of Fellowship

Requirements for Successful Post-Doctoral Fellowship Completion

Fellows are formally evaluated twice throughout the training experience. Feedback regarding the fellow’s performance is solicited from all CAPS staff and will be incorporated into these formal assessments.

Feedback to the fellow is framed in constructive and operationalized terms in order to facilitate the fellow’s development. Formal evaluation occurs in two ways. Informally in October, the fellow meets with their supervisors to receive oral feedback regarding their performance. Fellows are also asked to complete a Self-Assessment and to discuss this with their supervisors.  In January, fellows meet with their supervisors and receive both verbal and written feedback, including the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Evaluation. This evaluation process is repeated in April as the informal evaluation and in July as the final, formal evaluation. The Trainee Self-Assessment form is completed for a second and final time at the conclusion (July) of the fellow’s experience.

At mid-point, it is expected that fellows achieve a rating of ‘2’ or higher on all competencies listed within the Post-Doctoral Fellowship Evaluation in order to demonstrate sufficient progress in the training program. For fellows that do not demonstrate sufficient progress Due Process Procedures are initiated to provide additional support and guidance. A rating of ‘3’ or higher on all competencies on the final evaluation is required for a fellow to successfully complete the fellowship.