Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Program Overview

The Post-Doctoral Fellowship at CAPS is designed to help ease the adjustment of post-doctoral fellows into their roles as early career professionals and to provide opportunities for specialized training in College Mental Health, Outreach and/or Administration.

In alignment with the overall mission of CAPS training program, the goals of the Post-Doctoral Fellowship are to provide an advanced clinical training experience in the delivery of a wide range of psychological services, including but not limited to: treatment planning, short-term psychotherapy, group therapy, consultation, and outreach programming within a university setting. The post-doctoral fellowship also strives to provide fellows with experiences that prepare them to function as licensed psychologists in outpatient settings, specifically college mental health. The final goal of the post-doctoral fellowship is to provide the necessary clinical supervision resources and support for each fellow to complete the licensure process for the State of Georgia.

The objectives for the post-doctoral fellowship are:

  • To advance the fellows’ proficiency in the delivery of a broad range of psychological interventions. Fellows provide various clinical services including individual counseling, crisis intervention, screenings, walk-in assessments and group therapy.
  • To advance the fellows’ skill in outreach and workshop presentations by having fellows provide a variety of outreach services to the university community.
  • To advance the fellows’ skills in initial assessment, conceptualization, diagnostic interviewing, and crisis management by having fellows provide approximately 4 hours of screenings, crisis, and/or on call coverage.
  • To advance the development of the fellow as a professional psychologist including the enhancement of ethical decision-making skills.

Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) exists to be a center of excellence in the provision of multidisciplinary mental health services to the UGA student population. We strive to provide services that are above all student-centered, innovative, and based in the latest science and art of professional practice. We seek to infuse our work with a mixture of best-practices and creativity, balancing treatment with training and education of students, staff and faculty. We endeavor to keep pace with the changing needs of the student population while maintaining a working environment that models and parallels care and respect for each other and the students we serve. We celebrate diversity in all its forms both within the UGA community and amongst our staff.

Our dedication to excellence permeates the multitude of services we provide, ensuring that:

  • students receive superlative care rendered in a nurturing and healthy atmosphere,
  • our use of technology interfaces with the needs of our client population, and
  • the integration of care across the continuum encompasses all aspects of health and wellbeing.

The CAPS training programs are dedicated to providing multiculturally informed education and training and strive to provide these services in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful for all participants. For additional information, please review the CAPS Commitment to Diversity.